Frequently on the road?

Do you need to stay away from home on company business, so you can arrive at your meeting the next day feeling refreshed?
If this sounds like you but you don’t have time in the day to get accommodation booked, we’re here to help.
We can support you with making hotel reservations in the UK or overseas.



The accommodation booking service includes:

  • Let us know where you need to be
  • We offer suitable accommodation to meet your brief
  • Simple booking confirmation
  • Detailed financial reporting
  • Access to over 70,000 properties worldwide
Why choose us?

We understand the importance of business accommodation and how it can affect your working lifestyle. With a vast catalogue of accommodation to suit all needs from luxury to budget, our offering is diverse and can cater for all business needs.

The Ellis Salsby team will source the best locations and negotiate competitive rates and booking terms on your behalf.


  • #1 Profiling
  • #2 Management
  • #3 Booking
  • #4 Measure

#1 Profiling

We’ll build a profile of your requirements (so we will note your MD only wants to stay in a room on the 10th floor).

#2 Manage Accounts

Provide you with management information so you can keep track of your expenditure, and the savings made on your behalf.

#3 Booking

Understand that sometimes you want the delegates to be responsible for their own reservations, so we block book bedrooms and allocate them as and when your delegates contact us.

#4 Measure Costs

Show tangible and measurable cost savings in time and money, so you can understand how to budget for the next time.

Travel Solutions

We organise travel solutions, from complete itineraries to one off trips.

Event Accommodation

Do you know what to consider with organising the right accommodation?

Event Management

The venue is just the start, how will your delegates know about your event?

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