The world is a little different, but the show must go on…

We love the buzz created by seeing delegates interact and take in the live content in a venue that compliments the message being delivered. However, right now we can’t do this like we used to, so we must adapt to ensure your delegates can still meet (albeit virtually) and achieve the same positive experience.

So far, feedback from clients says their total audience has significantly increased by using the virtual / hybrid delivery method and has saved travel time and money. Our Production Partners’ in-house creative team will guide you through the technology challenges to make sure your event is professional and painless.


Top Tips for Audience Engagement!

  • Content! Its vital the content is relevant there is a memorable story behind each presentation
  • A good opening session to grab the attention to keep them engaged to the end.
  • Short, sharp, focused session(s) with regular breaks… consider breaking up what would have been a 2 day conference into 3 x 2 hour sessions with activities to complete between sessions.
  • Send your remote attendees an event coffee mug (or similar) to use during the event.
  • Maximise the use of Q&A, voting, chat etc.
  • Use a conference App, which will help with networking prior to, during and post event.
Virtual Events

This can be live or pre-recorded or a combination of both.

Although more costly, the most professional delivery of a virtual event will be in a studio. Typically, there will be a main studio where the film crew and host will be based. This will include a stage design a bit like at TV Production such as BBC’s ‘The One Show’. The conference host will introduce additional speakers based in offsite locations and this will be streamed online to multiple platforms simultaneously to your virtual audience. Alternatively if it is a webinar or more interactive event, this can be fully streamed from each presenters’ home or office with a remote Technician managing the presentation. This would be the most cost effective solution.

We would suggest an event / company branded backdrop for each presenter, which can be couriered to them prior to the event. Your audience can participate as if they were in the conference room by asking questions and participating in voting and breakout sessions.

Hybrid Events

A hybrid event will take place in a venue and will have a live and remote audience. This allows for a small number of socially distanced attendees on site, so you still get the feeling of a ‘live’ event, aswell as worldwide audience participation.

Your delegates can still participate with asking questions, voting, and attending breakout sessions.

Logistics Managment

As with live events, its vital the logistics are well managed in the lead up to the virtual event to make sure everything comes together on the day. Ellis Salsby can support you with:

  • Delegate registration, tracking and reporting.
  • Ensuring delegates have clear log on instructions and assisting with any challenges on the day.
  • Encourage participation with pre event activity eg App engagement, surveys etc.
  • Identifying Keynote speakers.
  • Co ordinating speaker requirements; to include briefing calls with the Production Team, arranging back drops, support for less experienced presenters, timings, rehearsals etc.
  • Distributing audience gifts.
  • Bring together the Client and the Production team to make sure the event is delivered seamlessly on the day and provide on going support specific to your event in the build up.

Why choose us?

In conjunction with our trusted AV and Production Partners, Ellis Salsby can support you every step of the way with the transition from live to virtual events and make sure its seamless:

• Selecting the best format for delivering your message
• Audience engagement
• Handling the logistics to pull it all together

All events (live and virtual) are unique, so please do get in touch to talk through your specific scenario. 

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