Staff incentives for lasting results…

Did you know that a great way to improve employee job satisfaction and engagement is to make them feel appreciated? Sometimes a bonus programme doesn’t make the cut, and the best incentives can be those that money can’t buy.

It might be a weekend break in a city or just a one off fete in an afternoon, but this can boost your team morale and improve productivity & efficiency.



Do you know what to think about when planning your incentive scheme? Below is a brief overview, you can read more here.

  • Budget – ensure that you can promise & deliver!
  • Understand your team and their desires
  • Set a goal to work to
  • Spread the word to build anticpation
  • Be prepared for contingencies
  • Assess progress
  • Be creative! Unusual rewards get results
  • How long should the event be?

Why choose us?

Organising trips & events that involve lots of logistics can take time and lots of resources. Here at Ellis Salsby, we take pride in the knowledge that we can provide to our clients to get the most out of your workforce.

We’ll focus on the details so you don’t have to worry about missing anything and means you can concentrate on getting your job done.

Event Ideas

There are plenty of ways in which you can say “Thank you” to your workforce. Keeping your objective in mind, we can help you organise an event that is suitable for both your goals and a good motivator for your team too.

We’ve listed some ideas that we find are most popular amongst our clients that may inspire you! Of course, if you had something else in mind we’re more than happy to help.

#2 Location Research

As an experienced venue sourcing company, we know what to look for when researching potential locations. We’ll take your full brief into consideration and look for somewhere that ticks all the boxes. We’ll contact venues on your behalf (provided they can properly fulfill your brief) and negotiate the best rates and ensure that the availablity is there for you.

#3 Shortlist Candidates

Once we have found suitable options, we get you to shortlist your favourite venues. From there we can organise site visits with the selected venues so you have a better understanding of the space & team. If we don’t find a venue that you like (this doesn’t happen often!) we are happy to keep looking for options that may suit you better.

Golf Day

Take your team to the tees and play a round of golf, finished off with an afternoon tea.

Family & Friends Fun Day

If your event is due to be during summer months, you could treat your staff and their families to a BBQ with drinks and fairground activities.

City Break

Want your staff to explore and discover a new culture? You coudld try a city break to popular destinations like Paris, Berlin or Prague! The list of destinations is endless.

Christmas Parties

Something as simple as an annual Christmas party can have a great effect on your workforce. Perhaps it will be in a grand hall with a banquet? Or a bavarian themed evening? Or go down an extravagant cicus route with performers & stalls!

Escape Rooms

Create your very own escape room to get your team to work together towards a common goal. This is particularly good for teams who have a range of abilities.

#4 Secure Venue

Once you are happy with a venue, we’ll liaise with the team and you will receive a contract from them. How you sign the contract is entirely up to you. Most companies choose to do it themselves, however we’re happy to sign it on your behalf should you wish. We can also check it over for you to make sure that they are fulfiling your whole brief.

Business Accommodation

Are you often on the road and need to make a corporate hotel reservation?

Travel Solutions

We organise travel solutions, from complete itineraries to one off trips.

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